HiPK, LLC is Mission Success!

HiPK is headquartered in Dahlgren, Virginia with branch locations in Virginia Beach, Virginia; San Diego, California; Port Hueneme, California; Seattle, Washington; Huntsville, Alabama; and Mayport, Florida. Established in 2001, HiPK continues to provide superior system engineering, training and training support services to the U. S. Navy and Joint and Coalition forces throughout the world.

HiPK delivers improved war fighting system interoperability and effectiveness through technical and tactical combat systems knowledge. Our employees are primarily former senior military technicians, tacticians and managers that understand the position we place our war fighters. We also understand the technical aspects of the complex systems being fielded today and can bridge the gap between the engineering and operational communities. HiPK has operational and technical experience and expertise in support of Naval surface combatants and joint warfighters as they integrate new capability with existing systems and support the Testing, Evaluation, Analysis and Training requirements to support them.

Our Strengths were developed over dozens of years of fielding and operating complex war fighting systems and solving interoperability challenges created by independently fielded systems. Simply put, HiPK can assist you in achieving the highest probability of mission success with your current system and the next.

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