Products & Services

HiPK, LLC specializes in combat systems engineering support. HiPK brings their unique systems engineering and operational expertize to bear on your system integration challenges From program specification review, element & system testing, developmental/Operational test/Planning & Concept of Operations (CONOPS) development, through Tactics, Techniques & Procedures (TTP) development, training & operation employing the expert staff at HiPK, can maximize the performance of the most complex war fighting systems.

Specific areas of expertise include:

  • AEGIS Combat System/Total Ship from pre-construction to operational deployments.
  • Cooperative Engagement Capability (CEC) from Initial Operational Capability (IOC) through operational deployments and operational evaluation (OPEVAL 2001)
  • Joint Multi-TADIL Architecture, Extensive LINK-11, LINK-16, Dual Net-Multi-Frequency LINK-11 (DN-MFL) operational experience.
  • Navy Area and Navy Theater Wide TBMD. Baseline, CONOPS, Doctrine and TTP Development.
  • Joint/Force Air Defense, Area Air Defense Commander (AADC), Training, Planning & Execution.
  • Combat Systems Training, from curriculum development to instruction.
  • Joint Exercise Planning and Execution, Extensive experience in Roving Sands, Fleet Battle Experiments and All/Joint Service Combat ID & Evaluation (ASCIET/JSCIET).
  • Distributed Engineering Plant (DEP)/Joint Distributed Engineering Plant (JDEP)
  • Embedded Training Systems, Extensive experience with AEGIS Combat Training System (ACTS), Battle Force Tactical Trainer (BFTT), CEC Training Adjunct (CTA), MULTOTS/MLST3 and DS3.
  • Distributed Interactive Simulations (DIS) and High Level Architecture (HLA).
  • Shipboard communication systems
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